Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 903: Twisting Towards Satisfaction.

I almost did something about the spats of snow we’ve been getting in NYC, almost as if the skies are warming up for Something Significant, but instead drew this:

12172013 - Turning Towards Satisfaction.At first it was just going to be the head and neck, perhaps twisting on into infinity, but then I decide that there should be a body, then that body should belong to something like a plesiosaur (at which point I had a longish conversation with myself about when an aquatic reptile becomes a “sea dragon”), then I added the gills (which I apparently cribbed from that filter-feeding dragon from last year), and made the fins more winglike, which satisfied both sides of the argument enough for me to feel good about it.

I’m not sure why I keep drawing aquatic dragons with multiple eyes, though. Maybe it’s a thing.

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