Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 931: Burn It Down.

“I burn it down… Just to watch it go!
I burn it down… So everybody knows!
I burn it down… Just to see it torched!
I burn it down… I hate it to the core!”
-Five Finger Death Punch, “Burn It Down”

“You could draw a dragon burning some shit down.”

And I did, except that I got so caught up in scales and fire that I forgot to add the shit.

My first thought was to do some fan art of Smaug from Desolation, and in fact, this dragon has a bit of an underslung jaw, but that seemed too… I’m not sure, but it was too something and I decided not to do it. For a few moments, I also considered making it some kind of drake, like Smaug from Desolation, but there wasn’t enough space to show that with all that fire going on. I had also wanted to draw some dudes or something getting incinerated, but there seemed to be no way to do that, since the fire was opaque.

Finally, my scale pattern might not 100% make sense (notice the large patch of open skin on the snout, between the eyes, but it’s a ways past the troubles with scale patterns I was having a few months ago.

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