Nathan Yoder is an illustrator residing in Seattle, WA, who specializes in traditional and digital forms of illustration as well as hand lettering.

As part of their annual 25 Cars Worth Waiting For issue, Car and Driver approached Yoder to do a Farmers Almanac themed approach to the artwork used within the article. The idea was to play off of the imagery and situations commonly seen in the Farmers Almanac while putting an automotive spin on things.

This was achieved by rendering the illustrations by hand, in pen and ink, in much the same way that those featured in the early Farmers Almanac issues would have been. Photoshop’s paint symmetry feature was used while editing the sketch to more easily create a symmetrical composition.

Since starting Yondr Studio in 2014, Nathan has contributed to brands such as Nike, MillerCoors, PepsiCo, Element, Dakine, Car & Driver Magazine, Random House Publishing, and Abrams Books among others. Yoder has a unique style that is achieved by a three step process that starts with ideation and sketches, moves to revisions, and finally reaches completion of the final work

Yoder believes the “union of service and expression gets to the heart of what illustration is all about. It is beauty and utility; art and design; working hand in hand to both inspire us and call us to action towards a worthy cause.”

Through his work, he aims to share with others in the beauty of creation and the joys of this life, while also partnering with clients in finding compelling solutions to their creative needs.

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