Dueling Banjo Pig Exhibit

I have work hanging in “Dueling Banjo Pigs: The Exhibit”. The Banjo Pig Duel began last year between Provo illustrator Guy Francis and Chicago artist Stacy Curtis. The story goes that Guy bought a banjo and then threw down the gauntlet to Stacy by drawing a banjo plucking pig- a la the movie “Deliverance” and dueling banjo pig mayhem ensued. The plucking pig frenzy spawned a blog where everyone was invited to contribute their own visions of  banjo themed pigs. 
Fence Sittin’ and Pickin’ – Pencil and digital Approx 8″ x 9″ 
$125  at Terra Nova Gallery
Here is one of the two pigs I contributed to the show. If you get a chance to drop by the gallery, please do so and don’t forget to turn the crank on Guy’s handmade banjo pig automaton. Prices are very reasonable as well. I saw the show on Wednesday and came away amused and entertained.

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