Dust & Good Manners

Patching and sanding is not a good idea without a covered floor… As we get ready for the opening next month, I get myself to mop the floors about 23 times today and due to the dust in the air, and on the floor, it was close to impossible to get them clean. So… I left it at 23 and figured I’d go back to it tomorrow. Maybe, another 23 rounds will get it to come back to life.

As I mopped the floors and took in the dust through my nose, eyes, ears, and hair, I couldn’t help but be a bit off my mood. I had asked my sister to get me some coffee to give me a bit more arm power so as she walked in the dusty air, she set my coffee down on the table and asked me a question. I looked up from the dust and said, “Why do you come here and ask me so many questions?” She hesitated and thought about how well she knew me and said, “Ok, I guess I’ll see you later at home…” as she walked out. I thought to myself, “Ok… you could’ve been a bit nicer… she brought you coffee… you MEAN bitch!” So, as I went around the room, with the mop, for, I think, the 14th round at that time, I put the mop down, and called her. “Hello…” she answered in an annoyed tone. “Thanks for the coffee…” I said. “You’re welcome…” she said.
I’m glad I called to thank her… Letting a little bit of dust and 23 rounds of mopping a 700 square foot room was not going to keep me from having good manners, especially with the family.

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