e-commerce and 70’s music

A friend of mine has been on at me for some time now to start a blog. I’ve never much cared for the things and studiously ignored his advice until he finally convinced me last Friday that it really would be a GOOD thing to do – it’s all to do with e-commerce, a field I find myself being plunged into whether I like it or not. My friend had been running an interior design business, Chess Interiors from a Buckinghamshire showroom/workshop for 29 years when he made the decision to branch into on-line business – making money on the internet whilst he sleeps. That’s where I came in, he asked me to create the website that would make his fortune. So I have been up to my eyeballs in SEO, search engines, free listings, adsense and code for quite some time now. My work-base has progressed from design for print through high-end digital imaging to web design and e-commerce – and now I have to wear glasses because I spend so much time in front of a computer becoming a geek. I’m not complaining though, I’ve been forced to learn it all and now I create interactive sites with animation, video and, with the aid of a USB record deck and a nifty little piece of sound-editing software, music.

Actually it was the music that I had originally planned to write about. When I moved from house to boat I quickly realised that record players were impractical on on the water for two reasons:
1. When one moves around inside a boat the boat moves too, and no matter how many pennies one places on the business end of an SME pick-up arm it ain’t going to stay on the vinyl for long.
2. If one leaves anything in an enclosed space on a boat for any length of time it becomes milldewed … and records don’t like that.
So, the solution was a land-based record collection,my USB deck,a powerful Mac with sound-editing software and an iPod. After years in storage my vinyl collection is coming back to life and hopefully I will, in the not too distant future, be able to share some very rare sounds from the early 70s through a dedicated music site.

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