Embracing Vulnerability, for 1001 KnightsGraphite, sumi ink,…

Embracing Vulnerability, for 1001 Knights

Graphite, sumi ink, & digital

I am so excited to finally share my piece for 1001 Knights, a 3-book, people-positive anthology with feminist overtones. I chose to focus my piece on strength, a common virtue ascribed to knights. I wanted to specifically deconstruct the mythology surrounding what it means to be strong and redefine strength in reaction to the narratives of power and violence.

Being strong doesn’t have to mean possessing power. It can mean embracing your vulnerability, learning to love yourself, and being resilient. For my character and for me, it also means letting go of your defenses (and offenses) and loving yourself and others as fully and as openly as possible. 

Go check out the 1001 Knights Kickstarter and be a part of this wonderful experience. And a HUGE thank you to Annie Stoll and Kevin Jay Stanton for making this a reality for inviting me to be a part of this!

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