Emily Nathan for Ritz-Carlton Summer 2012

Emily Nathan photographs coastal fashion for the Summer 2012 issue of Ritz-Carlton Magazine. The ten-page spread was inspired by the area’s earth and sea tones. The shoot took place at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, California. Half Moon Bay featured a wide expanse of settings including manicured lawns, rugged cliffs, and the hotel’s own room side fire pits.

As a Bay Area local, Nathan says she has “an obsession with the way light falls.” She’s also an avid surfer; the model posed with her surfboard in one photograph. Nathan calls one of the locations, nearby San Gregorio, their “hero beach.” She says, “There is so much to see there—massive pieces of driftwood, a fast-moving river, sea birds, and even sea caves that I was able to scout with the production’s state park ranger.”

The summer 2012 issue of Ritz-Carlton Magazine is out now.

See more of Emily Nathan’s photography here.

Publication: Ritz-Carlton Magazine
Issue: Summer 2012
Photographer: Emily Nathan
Stylist: Shannon Dunn

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