Empire Into Forest / 2014 / (source: www.jessxchen.com) Finished…

Empire Into Forest / 2014 / (source: www.jessxchen.com)

Finished goauche Illustration for Killjoy Prophets, a new collective that shifts hetero-patriarchal Christianity into women of color feminism founded by asian-american activist Suey Park.  A seed can both be launched from a slingshot and planted in the Earth. Like wilderness quietly blots out the traces of man, women of color organizing, can outgrow oppression and turn the three pillars of white supremacy into a new growth forest. 

Concept is based on the slingshot of David and Goliath and this article: Hetero-patriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy by Andrea Smith which are listed below:

1. Capitalism/Slavery

2. Genocide/Colonialism

3. Orientalism/War

I painted halos behind the seedlings because in order for oppressive power structures to shift, we must shift the definition of “holy” toward the collective Earth. Some of the silhouettes were inspired by photographs from the rallies in Ferguson. Prints that will benefit the artist and Killjoy Prophets will be coming soon! There will also be prints available soon at the Justseeds Store. With love and solidarity.

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