Illustrations that elucidate the content of articles are necessary and inherently unique. Interpretation is in the mind of the artist.

Check out what the Directory of Illustration artists have created for the world’s largest publications.


Alice Rebecca Potter:


May 2014 Computer Arts :: I was commissioned by Computer Arts Magazine Issue 227 to create 3 small spot illustrations for the feature, ‘My Style’. The illustrations were to accompany an interview with illustrator, Jack Hughes as he talks about his fashion style.


Dave Murray:


Playboy Magazine: “The Battle for Picasso’s Mind”
Description: A full page for Playboy Magazine’s November 2013 issue, for the “Battle for Picasso’s Mind” article. A very interesting read on America’s involvement with setting up art exhibitions in Europe to counter the spread of communism.


Edward Kinsella III:


David Bowie for Entertainment Weekly


Dongyun Lee:


Wall Street Journal: “Spending More, Enjoying it Less”
Description: Dongyun Lee illustrated an article about some much needed advice on curbing spending.


Julien Pacaud:


The New York Times: A collage with a science fiction tone was a perfect thematic for the style of Julien Pacaud in this illustration about a new book on Scientology called Going Clear.