Eric Larsen recently completed a series of clever conceptual illustrations for William & Mary Alumni Magazine to accompany three separate stories that will appear in their Winter issue.

Eric says,

“Done in a style I used a LOT in the early ‘Aughts,  I’m always happy to revert to any of the many looks I use—or have used—any time, for any occassion. I had to dig pretty deep to unearth the concepts—The “Global Science” awards;  international accolades for W&M’s school for chefs and a “debate between academic disciplines” —but, since I’d been there and done that before, the finals were a breeze. Execution has always been my strong suit.”

More work by Eric Larsen can be seen through his Directory of Illustration portfolio and at


“World Science Award” W&M Alumni Magazine illustration accompanying a story about the Global Science Awards. ©Eric Larsen



“Le Chef” W&M Alumni Magazine illustration for story about accolades for new Apprentice Chefs’ culinary program. ©Eric Larsen



“The Raft Debate” W&M Alumni Magazine accompanying story about a debate between academic disciplines (philosophy won). ©Eric Larsen