Every Child An Author/Apology

Every Child An Author/Apology

I’ve been posting a few things I’ve worked on from Every Child An Author and I feel I ought to give a bit of background information on that as well as give an apology. More on that in a bit.

Every Child An Author works through schools to publish child-written stories. The general idea being that a school sponsors the book, there’d be a school-wide contest and the winning stories would be published. As a kid, I’d have given my left arm for that kind of opportunity!

Where I come in is that Every Child An Author gets professional illustrators to do the covers for the books. It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy helping out with the project. With the safari piece there were a lot of interesting conversations about which/how many animals were going to make it into the final piece. (I’m glad the giraffe made the cut).

Awhile back though, I posted one of the cover paintings that had been based on concept art from one of the contests and -as I usually don’t go into detailed copyright information in my blog post- I accidentally neglected to credit the young artist who created the concept. My apologies, that was not well done of me; I should have remembered to do so! But let’s fix that right now:

Based on the concept art of Taylor C, age 12, Houston, Texas.

Again, my apologies and congratulations on having your concept art chosen for the cover!

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