That’s the name of the classic Blue Note album these cats were recording. Kind of nice.

I got the latest Blue Note Records book, “Uncompromising Expression” for Christmas. I found myself sketching various photos from the book. All of them were black and white.

Iloved the feel of the photo, the late night session, the three horn players lined up, even the triangle formed by the bells of the various horns. AND I thought, “you know, since this is monochromatic I can really play with whatever colors I want to.”

And then promptly made the horns relatively true to color form.

But I experimented with transferring some of the lines from the sketch to the painting. And with what to shade and what to just outline. Jackie McLean, on our left, ended up with more “realistic” shading and stuff than the other two. I had thought that I’d want to do something with the background, but I liked the feel that that blue imparted.

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