Exoplanet illustration

Exoplanet concept

I’m working on an illustration for a client dealing with the new Exoplanets that NASA is discovering. They are coming in with a lot of data…the size, atmosphere, land/water content and more. Based off this info, I’m creating an ‘Exoplanet Template’ for a client. The challenge has been fun. Up to now most of the heavenly bodies I’ve had to work with (our planets) didn’t have much of an atmosphere to work with. This is just a concept sketch and I’ll adjust the land/water ratio as well as the atmosphere type as the client gets more specific. Within an hour or so, I can create a planet that conforms to my client’s needs. In case they need to go close, the template is designed at 7000 pixels x 7000 pixels. Currently I use a fractal generator to create the land mass, but I can edit it as needed. The land above is 100% fractal in nature.

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