Fausto Montanari recently worked with Lobster Studio to produce and direct a series of animated illustrations. His personal project, “Extreme Food,” combines extreme sports with cutlery and other kitchen objects.

This isn’t the first time Fausto has utilized his unique artistic style to create conceptual food animations. Last year, he collaborated with the creative agency Humaut to develop several Suja Juice commercials, which can be viewed here.

Cooking is one of Fausto’s greatest passions, so it comes to little surprise that he takes an interest in the food industry as well. He also appreciates the taste, design and functionality of every object found in the kitchen. These aspects have served as inspiration for some of Fausto’s old sketches, and last month he finally brought these illustrations to life. The series features a variety of kitchen objects to provide broader imagery of the kitchen world.


According to Fausto, contemporary cooking research has become increasingly focused on the experience of tasting food. Extreme sports create exhilarating experiences, and Fausto sought to use his illustrations to convey the similar thrilling experience of tasting food.

Fausto hopes to expand upon “Extreme Food” by developing additional animated illustrations to be added to the project.

To view Fausto’s project in greater detail, visit his Behance. Explore his portfolio to see additional work.