Fantastic new artist: Michael Cho!

Fantastic new artist: Michael Cho!

The team at Gerald & Cullen Rapp would like to welcome a fantastic new artist: Michael Cho! Michael’s retro-influenced illustration style works equally well for conceptual and portrait editorial assignments. He is also an award winning comic book artist whose work has appeared in publications by Marvel and Image Comics, as well as The New York Times, Washington Post, the Village Voice, and Scientific American.

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Michael grew up reading 1980’s Marvel Comics. Much of his work builds upon the strong imagery of comic books and graphic novels, although his illustrations are undeniably versatile. He recently created the cover art for Don Delillo’s landmark novel White Noise and Rabindranath Maharaj’s The Amazing Absorbing Boy. Michael has been acknowledged by several institutions, receiving honors from the National Magazine Award (2004, 2007, 2009) and the Joe Schuster Award (2009).

Michael’s retro work harkens back to 1950s Americana (see the Superman image below), classic American art, such as Grant Wood’s American Gothic (bottom), and Norman Rockwell’s illustration (see the boyish face of the state trooper below). Michael is a master of two- and three-toned illustration, creating entire worlds and long-past eras out of subtle color variation. 

Michael also recently published Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes (2012, TYPE Books), a “collection that speaks to the beauty of the urban landscape: sometimes grittily citified, sometimes unexpectedly pastoral, and always bewitching.” His close attention to the detail reminds us to look closely, even when exploring a big city.

We are thrilled to have Michael join us at Gerald & Cullen Rapp and we can’t wait to see what he does next!

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