Fashion Illustration in line and Poland


This is this time of the year when nothing else matters but Poland. Every year I visit my mother country, family and friends  for at least a month. I usually take off the entire time; working for myself has allowed me to set the schedule the way I want it.

This is usually a time of meditation, painting and thinking. A lot of thinking. The life slows down for a month, I don’t even own a car over there. The second day I land I signup for a gym, because my mom cooks delicious meals. I walk a lot, take pictures and make plans for a new year. For me the year starts when I can come back to US and lasts until another trip to Poland. That’s how powerful the visit is. My biggest decisions happen in Poland. With that I’d like you to know that I’m leaving my store open, but I’ll be putting a note in there saying that orders will be shipped starting June 15th. Unless it’s my e-course in which case it’s all digital and shipment isn’t necessary.

I hope to post more often this following 3 months.

Maybe you’ve noticed that I changed few things around my website. I’ve decided to add the slideshow instead of series of thumbnails, because it started getting crowded. I think I like it this way for now, but because I play with design and code so much I know it’s going to change soon.

And — instagram. Ah, instagram. I remember when I wasn’t sure if I like it and now it’s my preferred social media. It’s very different than twitter or facebook, so I shouldn’t even compare it. I share a lot of my drawings, so follow me.  And after sharing so many line drawings I’ve decided to post them on my website, next to the watercolors. My line drawings are a mix of ink, pen and watercolor and I hesitated on adding them, but after hearing the “yes, do that” from few lovely peeps on the internets, I’ve decided to do so. I love line. And I think I’m changing the way I paint by simplifying. Let me know, how you like these.


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