Fashion Photo Shoot Tampa-Scouting Locations

Exotic, remote locations.

Mysterious surroundings.

That’s kind of the dream of most photographers when thinking of possible photo shoot locations.

That’s what lead to this photo.

But what if your budget doesn’t allow a trip to Iceland or Tahiti this week?

Then start looking around where you live.

I keep my eyes open for even the smallest corners of buildings or patches of trees that could have possibilities, keeping mental notes.
This photo was taken just a few blocks from my place.
I walk or drive by this area a few times a week. There was a shopping center beyond the background trees and a Holiday Inn 10 yards behind me when I took this.
Camera angles and cropping kept those facts from ruining the fantasy-like world created in the image. Photoshop editing took care of power lines and random bits of trash within the frame.
Those little unwanted details could have completely ruined the feeling of this photo.
Beauty is everywhere, just keep looking, and cropping.

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