Folded Paper

This is the 5th day of my “watercolor-a-day” challenge, the theme of which is ‘inspired by architecture’… but this painting has a second source of inspiration.

I was in temple services the other day for Yom Kippur, and one of my boys was bored out of his mind. I searched through my pocketbook for something he could entertain himself with, and found our High Holiday Pass (a small rectangular piece of paper).. In the past, he would fold origami for hours at a time, so I thought he might enjoy playing around with it. He made some sort of expanded pocket that looks a bit like the one below (which I came home and folded out of graph paper). I was inspired by his little paper folding because it brought to mind those amazing models that architects make of their building designs. I liked the idea of using graph paper (rather than our temple pass) because the lines help define the form. 

Tomorrow I’d like to do the same sort of thing, but with the addition of house parts like doors, windows, stairs – all that good stuff.


Day 5

Day 5

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