For Week 10, Continuation of the Music/Visual and Gouache Study (April 6)

1. Please bring in materials for gouache painting project (only if you already have gouache paint) Paper will be supplied. The painting will take place during first half of class. Also print and bring to class the assignment sheet for this project.

2. You will continue working on your group project for the remainder of the session. The project should be very close to completion at this point. The hour 1/2 before the end of class (4:00pm on) will be dedicated to a mini critique of the assignment. Class feedback will guide you through your final stages of the project due the following week. All members of each group must attend the critique and take part in the presentation of the project. The final, final critique will take place on the 13th.

3. Complete 5 more of the memory sketches for next class.  You will then have 15 in total.

See full post here: Drawing Studio 2; Perception2012-04-03.