For Week 11, Final Critique of the Music/Visual group project (April 13)

1. Bring in the Team Evaluation Form to complete requirements of the last group project. This will be handed to me only.

2. The remainder of the session will be dedicated to quick finishes and critique of the current assignment to take place at 4pm. All members of each group must attend the critique and take part in the presentation of the project, or the individual will suffer grade wise. Presentation of the final is very important. The work will be seen by the Jazz program, displayed on line etc. Be sure to do a great job on the binding and cover for your project. If you do a shoddy job on putting it together it will take away from the quality of the artwork in it’s totality. I would hate to see that.

The projects will be handed in, no corrections or finishes will occur after next class. The 4 projects will be presented by me to the Jazz faculty and students.

3. Complete 5 of the memory sketches for next class. You will have the last of 20 complete for review. Bring your sketchbooks please.

Also, I will hand all past projects back to you next class.

See you in class!!!

See full post here: Drawing Studio 2; Perception2012-04-10.