Four For The Day

This week for 7 days I will be posting STUFF for Arden Hill’s project Four For The Day which he has posted on WordPress. This project gets people to post a collection of four things every day for one week. It started January 1st and will end December 31st. I have Day#179 – Day#185. I had so many options of things around my studio that it was a tough ride in deciding. The model rocket ships I have here was one of the hopefulls that did not make it. Maybe if I had a better photo?

At any rate for anyone interested in this project, please check it out, and if anyone is interested in participating then e-mail Arden. if you know of anyone else that likes stuff feel free to pass the call for submissions onto them and have them email their interest to

See full post here: PAS.TER.NAK2011-05-26.