Four Peoples Drum Healing

Four Peoples Drum Healing

My journey with this drum has been a long one. When it arrived, in a kit with others, I felt a jolt as soon as I touched the loose rawhide sheet. An emotional jolt, like a kick in the stomach. Tears. Oh. The poor horse. Fellow empaths will understand what I mean. The act of touch was an instantaneous transfer of energy held in what remained of a one magnificent, free creature. Probably a mustang; I’ll probably never know for certain. I grieved with it, for the abrupt end to its life. This was the first time I experienced this happening, with a drum kit.

I offered sage and blessings to the rawhide, explained I wanted to make a memorial to its life, to make it into a drum that could help people. The drum, a beautiful piece, finished, named, and… sat, against my wall, waiting, just shy of a year.

Four Peoples Drum Healing

I’d tried to communicate with it, to see what imagery it wanted painted on its face, in shamanic journeys. It never spoke, never anything clear enough. Once, I got the flash of a white bird, picrograph-style, looking at it sitting there, but it wasn’t enough to be a confirmation. From time to time I would offer sage, palo santo, but I let it be.

Until, finally, today, when the urge struck me to take the drum aside and offer it Reiki. A healing, and a blessing. I asked it, again, that I’d had an idea, a flash of inspiration for a painting, would it like to help me? I saw a vision of a proud dark brown horse, and he dipped his head and said ‘Thank you’, firtly, for the Reiki… and, that, yes, he liked the imagrey I showed him. He suggested a few additions, said the rest would come intuitively as I painted.

So. This a drum for peace. A drum to unite all of us as one, in these trying times. A drum for someone who will use him for healing and blessings for themselves and for the world. I’ll keep his Name secret, though its written on the inside rim, for his owner.

He waits. He’s been waiting. But he’s ready, now, to share in the healing, and to go out into the world. His voice is deep, and resonant, and strong, and full of love.


[ Horse and Cedar, 15″. Born September 26, 2016 ]

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