FREE E-book!

FREE E-book!

I have a special offer for you today:

I’m giving away a FREE copy of my E-book ‘THOUGHTS & PROGRESS: THAT LAUGH!’

The THOUGHTS & PROGRESS books are a series of booklets that was instigated in 2013 after I sold a painting to a collector who admired the drawings from the whole process and urged me to share it with people. This is the FIRST TIME one of these booklets is available in an E-book format – and it’s at no cost to you!

Inside of the E-book, you’ll learn of the entire process I underwent to create the 2015 painting, ‘THAT LAUGH!’. Consider it akin to the audio commentary on your favorite DVD’s or the “making of” featurette. It is a conversation with the artist (myself) about where the idea came from, drawings and notes from the process – all of it shared with no steps withheld!


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