Friday Video: Eyes Of Laura Mars

This is a lot like my photo shoots-except for the dozens of assistants, onlookers and huge budgets. Actually maybe only the part where there is a camera and a model.
Seeing this reminded me though of something that turned out to be more significant than I ever thought at the time. Around the time this movie came out I was in high school. In our art class there were stacks of magazines in the back of the room that we used for various art projects, like collages or choosing a photo to draw from. Many of these magazines were late 1970’s issues of Vogue. I think when I looked through these magazines it was the first time EVER that I paid any attention to photography. (And not just because of the beautiful, sometimes scantily clad women.) There were some amazing photographers with very distinctive styles on those pages.
One that really grabbed my attention was Rebecca Blake, her photos were used in ‘The Eyes of Laura Mars’. They had a soft focus, dreamy look to them, kind of grainy. I forgot all about that until just a few years ago when I became serious about photography. Great work sticks in your mind no matter what the medium and you never know when it will resurface again and inspire your own.

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