Get On Board with Ars Thanea and British Airways

Ars Thanea and British Airways come together to spread the word about the airlines’ new Colombo to London route. Ars Thanea was asked to create a microworld of Britain to showcase all of the country’s best assets.

Ars Thanea incorporated nearly every classic British iconography including the Palace of Westminster, red double decker buses, and The Beatles. The elaborate illustration was created using a combination of matte painting and stock photography/3d rendering. The final ad can be seen in countries around the world from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. So see you in London soon?

Client: British Airways
Agency: BBH Singapore
Production Studio: Ars Thanea
Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
Art Director: Karol Kolodzinski
Digital Artists: Karol Kolodzinski, Karol Klonowski, Marcin Kowalski, Lukasz Wiktorzak
Digital Painters: Krzysztof Roslan, Michal Lisowski, Mikolaj Piszczako, Patryk Habryn
Lead 3D Artist: Piotr Kolus
3D Artists: Anna Mierzejewska, Piotr Nowacki, Daniel Komuda
Production Director: Marcin Molski

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