Global Talent Search Lilla Rogers

LILLA ROGERS is one of these shamanic individuals you must hear, watch, experience. To me, she’s a visionary with a spirit of an imp. Delightful, playful, colorful. I think I could paint her from my memory, and I hardly ever do anything like that. She’s just so memorable.

globaltalentsearchLilla launched her illustration online class a while back. I truly considered joining, but at the end I’ve decided that the vibe of my work is so not Lilla’s (even though we share the love for watercolors) . But when I saw that she started a Global Talent Search I joined almost immediately. At first I hesitated, but the contest was hunting me online so often that I’ve decided it’s a sign—and I signed up.

Now. I still don’t know if anything that I do is for Lilla’s delightful carefully mascaraed eyes. I know my illustrations are good, but I also know who’s Lilla representing. As I recall I even emailed Lilla once with a request of representing me, but I haven’t heard a word back. Totally understandable — I’m not her style. I’ve always seen Lilla’s illustrators as children illustrators (whom I adore), most, if not all of them with handmade child-like feel, whereas I work mostly with beauty and fashion. I knew it from the beginning, but I guess I emailed Lilla to ask for a representation because she’s such an awesome lady.


Bear in Watercolor :: Marta Spendowska

Bear in Watercolor :: Marta Spendowska

EXPLORATION. You won’t believe what I started with. So I won’t show you, because you’d not understand. Sometimes I try to fit. The only thing that I really liked was this bear on the left. Cute dude, right? Yeah, pretty cute. But the rest didn’t feel right. By the morning of next day nothing felt right. I made a pot of wine chaga tea and set to sort this out. I asked :

Q : What do I looooove to paint ?

A : Portraits, fashion, food, patterns, animals.

Q: If this illustration would land on the table of David Bowie (I wanted to distant myself from the terms of the project) what would I like him to see (and fall in love with) so I could paint more of ?

A : A portrait.

Q : Why did I join the GTS contest in the first place?

A : Firstly, to respond to the brief, period. Not to win (I’ve already won this contest. Yuppi! Thank you everyone! I’ve already decided that I’m not in a children illustration market and I’m assuming (maybe I’m wrong) that Lilla will be on a lookout for a children style, because it’s her market. ) Secondly, I want Lilla to see my piece and I want everyone else to see my piece and maybe consider me for some other project.

Q : So, why the bear?

A : Mainly to appeal to the children illustration market.

After all these questions I knew what I needed to do.

I put the bear on the side naming him Rudy and decided on a totally different execution. I wanted to draw a girl who appeals to a fashion market but isn’t high fashion. It would have to be a soft take on a fashion illustration with some balanced vibe. Because the brief stated that I need to interpret the old times playgrounds I’ve decided on the swing tire, knowing that the tire will be tricky. Because — how to subdue a tire (very kind of manly item) to expose the fashion/beauty part of the girl. I’ve decided to build a little forest/jungle around her bringing lot’s of leaves and feminine feel. They would also semi-cover the tire and all that’s left is the suggestion of a girl swinging.

I wasn’t sure if she should wear glasses. That was my first idea, but they were catching too much attention, so I took them down, but introduces semi-sporty hat, to — again — make her more relatable 9not to high fashion.)

This went through 4 changes. I wanted the forest to look minimal yet bright and important, but not as important as a focal point — a girl swinging. At the end, I fell in love with the vibe of this illustration and called it Swinging Melancholy. 

Global Talent Search Marta Spendowska

Global Talent Search : Marta Spendowska

SWINGING MELANCHOLY. She’s lovely. A bit pure, a bit pampered, a bit boyish, a bit airy, a bit bored, a bit waiting for a romance. A bit sad, a bit proud, a bit naive, a bit sure, a bit dark, a bit light, a bit hoping that some nice boy is watching her.
This is how much she tells me.
Hope you love it as much as I do. Below is a quick mockup of how I’d seen her on a notebook.

DEAR JUDGES — thank you for spending your time on judging my illustration.

Global Talent Search Marta Spendowska

Global Talent Search :: Marta Spendowska

Have a fantastic Week + Cheers!

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