Goals. Project. Daily Habits.

it’s december 1st and i’m having a soy latter even though i thought i would not have a latte anymore. or maybe not even a coffee.

but i do and i know it’s only because for the past 8 days i slept 12hrs/day and caught out weird stuff, so today is my lazy fun time and i’m allowed to indulge in my little celebrities.

i’m listening to elise gets crafty (one of my favorite podcasts) and i’m realizing i’m not going to do a month long project but a year long project and, hopefully, within the year, a few small ones.

i’ve already proved i can make 30 or 90 days of habit fruitful, even while traveling in europe, but i’ve decided i want to exceed the previous goal to feel really stimulated by it.

still clarifying but of course it’s going to be very related to my art. i do paint every day or maybe almost every day (some days are for doing nothing) but the habit and this goal is going to make me paint every day for sure, with no excuses.

i’m brainstorming how to go about it and how to infuse it with a full on projects within the yearly habit, so keep connected.

Happy New Year friends!



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