In the last few months I’ve been all digital.  For much of my career I used pen and ink and watercolor, later brush & ink- the rougher the better, with color added digitally. Winsor & Newton stopped making the 994 series brushes a few years ago and I never did find a replacement that I really liked. I scoured the country online and by phone and bought up every 994 that I could find. Eventially, the laquer in the ink breaks them down and they wear out…      I was tallking to Leo Espinosa one day and he showed me a variety of digital brushes- Kyle Webster’s for starters, and I started using them and exploring what can be done by altering their characteristics and combining effects.    As always, everything I do starts with problem solving, so the idea behind the image is most important to me with technique supporting the idea simply and directly.   That’s my editorial approach. Of course, doing a picture book, if the story calls for full blown watercolors, throw the computer out the window and get out the paints. Usually, It’s somewhere in between.