Goni Montes is a freelance illustrator from Ponce, Puerto Rico specializing in highly stylized, conceptual art. He began his career as a scientific illustrator and transitioned to editorials and advertising after receiving his MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. Goni has an impressive client list including Oz Magazine, Adweek, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, Wired and many others.

Most recently, Goni has been commissioned to illustrate the covers of Clive Barker’s new comic series Next Testament. The series has been praised by critics and viewers alike with adoration for not only the book but Goni Montes’ amazing artwork.

Here are some recent covers that Goni has illustrated:





Goni also has a really cool Process Blog where he takes you step-by-step through the process he goes through to create these beautiful covers. In one of the more recent posts, he describes his process on creating this image:

nexttestament8 (1)
You can check out the full post here.

Goni Montes is represented by Richard Solomon Artists Representative. Make sure to browse through his Directory of Illustration Portfolio to see more of his beautiful, stylized art.