Happy 2 Months Teddy!

Happy 2 Months Teddy!

*Teddy is 2 months old today! 馃檪

I’ve finally jumped back on the wagon and got back to working on all the illustration projects that have been waiting for me on the sidelines. In the last post, I posted an image of a whole row of characters. I will be using that image for my submission to the Directory of Illustration. I will have a page to advertise my work, going into the mix with hundreds of other great illustrators and graphic designers etc. Here’s hoping that my work will get noticed! 
Someone will surely notice my page, especially if Teddy’s on it! How could you pass by this cutie without smiling?

Anyways, this is the first of the 5 characters that will be used in part of my artwork. There’s still more to come and more that I have to do. I’m giving myself the deadline of April 27 to have my submission ready, so allow time for any adjustments and other things that may come up before the actual deadline of May 3rd.

Well, I definitely have a lot of things to tackle! Time to get to work!

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