Happy Birthday Rodin!

The Thinker- 10″ x 13″ by Greg Newbold

Today marks the 173rd birthday of one of my all time favorite sculptors Auguste Rodin. Few sculptors have made such a lasting impact on art as Rodin. I have had several opportunities to witness firsthand, the brilliance of his work and whenever I do, I never cease to be moved and amazed at his passion and skill. Perhaps the most iconic sculpture ever created is Rodin’s The Thinker.

Rodin’s The Thinker

I used this piece as an inspiration and homage when I was asked to create a cover for The Village Voice’s literary section many years ago. The articles were all book reviews relating to war, it’s aftermath and the effects on the people of such regions. I thought The Thinker would be the perfect metaphor and so I constructed him emerging from the wreckage of battle with gun still smoking. The small flower growing amidst the rubble represents the hope for a better tomorrow. I think Rodin himself would be both pleased and amazed at the staying power his work has had. Thanks for the inspiration and Happy Birthday Rodin!

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