There’s Always Someone Bigger.
©2016 Copyright, Joseph A.Wraith
  Well I made it through another Thanksgiving and my stomach didn’t explode, I didn’t strangle an obnoxious family member, and I didn’t wake up with a hang-over, so all in all a successful holiday indeed. I hope everyone had a great celebration of gluttony and lies. On to the next…
  I decided to work today and avoid all Black Friday traffic, nothing like spending a nice, peaceful day and evening at home doing what I love best. I guess I can’t call it work if I love it right?

I think officially I have to have something to complain about to call it “work”. Let me think on this…

Ok, my Mac is really fast, no complaints there.
My clients are pretty cool, so no complaints there.
I have a water cooler, food and snacks available, so that’s good.

Hmmmmn…  Nope, I guess it’s officially not work… but, wait… I have to do it to get paid, so maybe it can be considered work.  Ahh never mind, I can spend all day arguing with myself on this and not get anything done.

Anyway, I’m really glad I wont be spending anytime watching the WWF Black Friday Amateur Wrestling Match at my local Walmart.
Please be safe out there.