Last Great Act of Defiance 
©2016 Copyright, Joseph A. Wraith
  Sometimes it’s all about the attitude, or emotion, art for me carries my emotions even if it’s just work-art. It still is created with emotion and feeling.   Sometimes it is a given emotion from a client who wants to relay it into the design, be it happiness, anger, sadness, or just plain blah.  
  These emotions may not be my own, but that of the client only, something they want the artwork to speak of.   I still have to feel it, like an Empath feels the world of emotions around them, I too have to feel the emotional value of the art I am creating in order to pay it forward, or it will end up flat and meaningless.   Emotions are dynamic and art can be the bullhorn if the feelings don’t speak loud enough. 

   As an artist and animator I am usually tasked to deliver the key ingredients of a design, which in my notebook represents Emotion, Attitude, Movement, Color-story, History, Space and Time.   For me attitude is a reflection of emotion, usually a reaction to an inside feeling brought on by an outside force.   This attitude affects the design, or animation.   If it’s a character animation, or design, it can influence the walk-cycle, the stance, facial expressions and even the color-story.   Sometimes space and time also alters the attitude and emotion, if it’s a place that is really hot during the summer then it can have a adverse affect on emotions, as does some place cold during the winter.   You can really mix things up though and have a warm place in the winter which gives off a whole other emotional affect.   Like a beautiful beach scene during a cold winter somewhere else.   History tells why the emotion exists, basically the back-story, why an attitude is formulated from the emotion and why it creates such a reaction.
  As an artist I have to be a student of emotional struggle, crisis and relief, the very drama and comedy of it has to permeate my work in order for it to be successful.  You have to be a controlled Empath, only allowing what you see, or feel, to have it impact your work, and NOT your life.  That can be a struggle on it’s own, as an artist I feel and over-think and I do it in 4 dimensions.  I have to grab it, hold it and spin it around, I have to see all sides.  I have to go there, see it, be in it and run around it and get all views in my mind.   My imagination has to be boundless and unleashed for this to happen. It’s not really a choice, it’s just how I am. I call it Creative 4D Meditation. That’s where I take the client’s ideas and build the world the idea lives in, to see how it lives and what it’s attitude is.   I also have a bit of a 3d gaming (playing and creating) background so this also helps me build the world as a whole and see it as though I were living there and what goes on in it.  I could probably goon for hours on this subject, but…

I think I need an aspirin.