Happy New Year!

Hello! I wish everyone a very Happy New Year — and many good things for you in the year ahead.           This is a new editorial illustration that is featured in this month’s Scotsman Guide Residential edition. Of 8 editorial illustrations I did for January publications, this one seems the most appropriate to post at the start of the new year. Below you will find all the usual crops: the full illustration, details and the in-context view. Oh, and I must say thank you to Iris, one of my 3 adopted pups, who was the model for the dog in the illustration below. (I think she did pretty well, although I had to wing-it a bit, since she refused to put her foot over one eye as I requested repeatedly … even offering treats if she did).











My cats insist I try to work one of them into a future illustration, for equal opportunity … stay tuned. As always … I appreciate your taking the time to stop by take a look at my work.


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