Happy New Year – Now Get Back to Work!

Well, it’s the first, for real work day of 2009. I literally had to psych myself up last night before I went to sleep so that waking up today and getting back to work wouldn’t be a problem after the last two weeks of down time. Actually, truth be told, I didn’t have all that much time off. I worked through the last two week sporadically, but, when I wasn’t working, I had somewhere to be, or there was something to clean, or some party or get together to attend, etc. So, you could say that the last few weeks haven’t exactly been restful.

One thing I have been concentrating on is my marketing plan for 2009. – I am all about the products from Marketing-Mentor.com. Ilise Benum and Peleg Top have written a great book about marketing and pricing for designers – Aptly titled “The Designers Guide to Marketing and Pricing” I read this book and then also purchased their 2009 Grow Your Business Marketing Plan + Calendar which I think will be very helpful for me with a few slight modifications and additions specific for my business. I will be following COLLEEN WAINWRIGHT, a.k.a. “the communicatrix,” on her blog http://www.virgoguidetomarketing.com/ as she follows the 2009 Grow Your Business Marketing Plan + Calendar. I would also like to post my experiences using this system as well. Hopfully within a few months, I can report some improvements in my business.

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