Happy New Year everyone! Like many creatives in the digital era, I love my mac. It makes everything seem pretty simple. Unfortunately, the disadvantage to Apple’s automative system is that when things go bad, they can be really annoying and impossible to fix. Take this web site for example. For simplicity reasons, I use iWeb to create and maintain my web site. But somewhere in June, iWeb decided not to read the file it created, thus I’ve been unable to update my site or my blog. Very annoying. Today I took the time to rebuild the site so I can start updating it again. Call it my New Year’s Resolution to rededicating myself to my craft and business.

It’s our family tradition to take a formal family portrait. This year I was inspired by the movie “Cat in the Hat.” I wanted to capture some of the bright color I saw in the movie. So I asked my mother to knit the boys some orange sweater vests and built the set around a green base. I’m really psyched how well the photos turned out. Like no other family portrait I’ve seen.

Best of luck to everyone in 2012!