Happy New Years Eve! I am happy to reveal the comic that Josh…

Happy New Years Eve! 

I am happy to reveal the comic that Josh Trujillo and I made for the Love Is Love comic anthology. It was organized to memorialize and honor those slain or injured in the attack in Orlando, Florida at Pulse Nightclub. The anthology was curated by Marc Andreyko and published by IDW Publishing, with support from DC Entertainment. All of the proceeds will be going to victims, survivors, and their families, so please do download or pick up a copy.

I was honored to have Josh’s consideration for illustrating his piece. After reading his story and discussing the ideas Josh had, I couldn’t wait to get started. Josh and I wanted to celebrate the experiences that make nightclubs wonderful and sacred to Queer and LGBTQIA folk. For many of us, they are sanctuaries – they are where we feel safe, let loose, make friends and family, and fall in love.

I am humbled to be involved with such an incredible and meaningful project and I am so thankful to Josh for considering and asking me to illustrate his beautiful story.

You can find our comic in the digital version of the Love Is Love anthology, which includes other exclusive content not found in the print edition. Go pick up a copy!

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