One of the main reasons I love being a freelance illustrator is that I literally never know what I’m going to find in my inbox. I get a lot of requests, some bizarre, and some curious, and some just plain amazing. This project was definitely the latter.

When I heard from Niels, founder of Godâ Skjorter, his vision was simple but also quirky; create Hawaiian style shirts using landmarks from the small Danish island of Bornholm. I wondered how well the muted and nordic coastline, buildings and smoked fish would translate into a Hawaiian shirt homage but it didn’t take me long to find out.

As soon as I started drawing the elements and piecing them together, the more I started to see his vision. And it was wonderful.


I was so enamoured with the landmarks I was drawing, I was wishing I too could visit there. It just looked so beautiful, and perhaps one day we will make it there and I can tell Ophelia, ‘Mummy drew that on a shirt’.


Now seeing the print translated onto fabric, it has taken a new life of it’s own. I’m excited for Niels’ venture, not just because it’s his brainchild and that’s a precious thing, but also because it’s always special to meet someone who has a true passion for where they live.


Take a look at Niels’ website to see more details on these lovely shirts, as well as to take a peek at another artists interpretation of the Bornholm magic.

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