Haydn Symons recently collaborated with the great people over at Cracked Eye Magazine to produce four illustrations for their latest digital issue.

Responding to the story of Hope Street, Haydn came up with the illustrations which are shown alongside the story. Hope Street tells the tale of a Mother and Son living in Liverpool, and reveals their close relationship with each other.

Haydn created all of the illustrations using water color and gouache, and then transferred them into Photoshop for final editing.

He says,

I worked hard to make my illustrations fit well within the story; to not distract the viewer from the story, but to compliment instead. It was a great project to work on, which I had a lot of fun producing.

Great work, Haydn!


Haydn Symons, Cracked Eye



Haydn Symons, Cracked Eye



Haydn Symons, Cracked Eye



Haydn Symons, Cracked Eye