“He seems so calm and peaceful, can I have him?”…

“He seems so calm and peaceful, can I have him?”…

“He seems so calm and peaceful, can I have him?†That’s what one of the teenage foster kids at the recent foster kids camp I helped out at said about this character I drew on a rock. Foster kids have a pretty tumultuous life and it was special to me to be able to give him something that may help bring him some peace during the chaos.

Something I am passionate about other than art is the plight of the children in our country’s foster care system. They truly are what Jesus calls “the least of these†in that they have been put at a huge disadvantage through no fault of their own. They often have no adult in their lives who is not paid to care for them. Whether it be their teachers, social workers or caregivers in group homes.

Foster kids age out of the system at 18 and are essentially on their own to survive in the world with little or no support system. 25% of former foster kids experience homelessness within the first 4 years of leaving the system. Former foster kids are up to 10x as likely to commit a crime and have 7x the rate of drug dependence. Getting these kids into loving homes would have a trickle down effect that would go along way towards solving many other issues in our society. The last two years I have participated in a ministry that focuses on helping these kids to feel loved and cared for. If you are ever interested in helping out let me know!
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