We’re thrilled to introduce four more amazing Directory of Illustration artists selected for our “Heads Above the Rest” campaign! A few of these portrait illustrations have beautiful backstories—Hanna Barczyk’s image, for example, conceptualizes female solidarity against sexual abuse. Additionally, Jakob Ingvorsen addresses the urgency of environmentalism with his illustration, as well as the importance of respecting nature for the sake of future generations.

We know you’ll enjoy learning more about these illustrators and their stunning artwork as much as we did! Click on each image below to view the artist’s portfolio.

Artists featured: Hanna Barczyk, Anthony Ventura, Graham Studios and Jakob Ingvorsen.

Special thanks again to Dave Plunkert, creative director/designer and DI artist behind our “Heads Above the Rest” campaign.


Hanna Barczyk

Hanna Barczyk, a German born artist living in Brooklyn, is best known for her strikingly powerful and graphic editorial illustrations which explore a number of social and gender-related issues. Among her extensive list of clients are the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Variety Magazine, New Yorker Magazine and many more.

Hanna told us that the most important issue she has explored with her work is “women’s experiences, specifically feminism around the world.” She also explained the context behind her illustration below:

“I chose a head with three women visible and supported by hands because I wanted to illustrate the idea of women speaking out together. This piece was originally for Variety Magazine, on a #MeToo story of survivors speaking out about their experience of sexual abuse. I think it’s important that women from diverse backgrounds are supporting and recognizing each other as one to fight against sexual abuse together.”


Anthony Ventura

Anthony Ventura is an award winning Illustrator from Canada whose caricatures are rendered using both traditional and digital techniques. His work, which has appeared worldwide in various publications, advertising and multi-media, has been created for clients such as Playboy, Rolling Stone, Doritos, ESPN X-Games, Phoenix Magazine and Time Magazine (Asia).

Anthony’s portrait illustration below is of actor Bryan Cranston in his role of Walter White on the hit television series, Breaking Bad. Walter White also happens to be Anthony’s favorite TV show character!


Graham Studios

Graham Studios has provided image visualization and creative services for advertising, editorial and educational uses for the medical and pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. Led by Emmy nominated Bill Graham, Graham Studios has worked with clients Amgen, Allergan, Genentech, Procter & Gamble, Invisalign, WebMD, Cedars-Sinai and more.

We asked Bill Graham to explain his illustration below:

“‘Emily’ is an animated character I created for a social media campaign for a client who was marketing “I’m With Her” T-shirts, the “her” being the Statue of Liberty. The message was a reminder that we were always a country that welcomed immigrants. Proceeds would go to support immigrant relief.”



Jakob Ingvorsen

Jakob Ingvorsen is a Danish illustrator and fine artist living in Copenhagen, Denmark who works in a wide range of media—including paint, graffiti, digital, watercolor and pencils. His whimsical creations display a mix of urban inspiration, pop art and classical painting techniques. Jakob’s favorite subject to paint are figures—specifically, humans and animals.

Jakob’s portrait below is based on an environmentally friendly message to the viewer. In his own words:

“I would encourage people to concern about the planet and be inspired by the way Native Americans lived in harmony with nature. We need to learn and adopt their way of understanding the relation between humans and nature. Humans are nature and in the consumption choices we make everyday we should bear in mind that the planet shall be there for our kids.”