Helllooooo Out There!!!…

Helllooooo Out There!!!…

Okay, so i let me blog go completely for waaaaaaaaaaay too long! I’m going to try and be better at it… and post at least once a week. *hmmmm…. we’ll see* Just got back from a 3 Day Family trip to Disneyland. It was a great time for all of us. it’s funny though, because for years now Mr. B has wanted nothing to do with that place. we’re such a pro-Disney family, it’s crazy having a child who’s anti. Mr. B got his very first annual pass this past Thursday… and as you can see, he’s totally delighted! hahaha i love this picture so much i can’t stand it.

On the art front, i’ve been doing illustrations, shows and commissions. This is a tiki sign i’m working on. it will be going through some changes.. but you get the idea.

Also, i finally got around to putting up an etsy site. that only took a few years 馃檪 i have some small drawings and a few paintings for sale there.

Here’s a little client piece i did a few weeks back. i love pirates!

And FINALLY i got a new fancy camera… the nikon d5000. i LOVE this camera. i’m even in a photography group called “52 weeks of Love”. There’s a theme posted each week.. here are a few of mine…

this was my pic for Week 2: “On the Shelf” I was never into dolls as a young girl, but years ago i spied this well-loved little gal in an antique shop and had to have her. she sits on the shelf in my living room so i can look at her every day. this is Queenie … btw, this was my first time taking the camera off of auto and going completely manual 馃檪

Week 3: Self

Here’s my self portrait. i painted my whole face with acrylics to kind of look like one of my paintings. i wish i’d had the time to paint my whole neck, chest and arms, i think this could have looked really amazing taken all the way.

Week 6: Kissy Faces

This is my husband Bunches. We celebrated 14 years together and 6 years of marriage this past Valentine’s Day

Week 5 – Hearts

These are my hearts… Mr. B – my dramatic 3 year old, and Mr. D – my dramatic 5 year old

Week 12: Worm’s View… took this one today in the backyard.

At any rate, i keep that camera on me at all times… it’s pretty much one of my most favorite things EVER!!! Here’s a shot of my little hummingbird friend that lives somewhere in our backyard and stakes claim to both of our feeders. he’s a stinker and jam-packed with personality… still thinking of a name for this little guy..

And finally, here’s my Sammy Cat.

In January he had a large tumor removed from his spine area that was found to be an aggressive form of cancer. we seriously can’t believe how amazing his turnaround has been since the surgery. Sammy’s been with me since before Bunches… he’s old school… and just an all-around bad-ass cat. Love ya Samel Toe!!

anyway, that’s what’s been going on in my world… well, there’s been a lot more, but i suppose that’s why i shouldn’t go so long in between blogs. until next time, thanks for reading!

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