Henry Bourne Captures His Home for T Magazine

Henry Bourne photographs his home in London for the Spring 2012 Design issue of T Magazine. Bourne shares the mid-19th century house with his wife, designer Harriet Anstruther, and their teenage daughter. Anstruther restored the late-Georgian architecture of the house and mixed traditional and modern furniture and accents for the décor. Art hangs everywhere;  both old and new art work Anstruther  and Bourne collect, and Bourne’s own photography. His studio is on the basement level and it opens to a garden courtyard. Bourne calls the house the best of both worlds. He explains, “I would say I’m a modernist, but I love the Georgian aesthetic — especially when it isn’t filled with Georgian things.”

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Publication: T Magazine
Issue: Spring 2012
Story: “Graphic Contents”
Photographer: Henry Bourne

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