Ah, the floaty object-thinking piece. One of the old standbys for illustrators and comic artists alike. The objects are often substituted for montages of memorable moments or the disembodied heads of people who used to pick on you in highschool.

The article is about students in WV recruited to take part in a study where they keep a diary of their caloric intake and the amount of exercise they do any given day.

Great direction from Jennifer Lee for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Bulletin. This image was a delirium of pink before she stepped in. So much pink.

Reading about Howard Hughes, lost in the sea of wikipedia, I discovered that he was a huge fan of a movie that I myself watched not too long ago. He kept it running constantly on a loop on a projector. That film was “Ice Station Zebra” from 1968. – (Robert Osbourne would be so proud)

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