Hi Northeast! I’m going on an API*A tour Oct 9-17, with the…

Hi Northeast! I’m going on an API*A tour Oct 9-17, with the amazing Will Giles.  More info here: bit.ly/lastwordstour 

“To be an immigrant in America is to know the cost of our own blood. How our ancestors carried it across borders, oceans, genocides and yet still gave life to this body.

Award-winning poets and artists: Will Giles & Jess X. Chen give voice to the Asian American and Pacific Islander oceans roaring to be heard. Through pulsating performances, and intimate poetry, they excavate the last words of ancestors drafted to war zones, honey bees suffering from colony collapse, immigrants of color who hold up the spine of America, and the Earth, driven to the end of its life. These poems will show you how “a (human) shield given no voice ー can still grow teeth, still teach itself how to sing.†How the personal is political, and the environmental is personal. How community and love is what enables generations to cross borders and transcend trauma with music and grace.â€

booking: jess@jessxchen.com

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