I saw a tiny photo in the NYTimes sports section of the Boston Red Sox young second baseman and I LOVED the way they had caught Xander in that stark dividing line between light and dark. The divide that can occur in the afternoon in a baseball stadium. I latched onto a somewhat monocrhomatic treatment, emphasizing the dividing line created by sun and shadow.

My sketch widened the scene out to include the guys giving high-fives. My theory on what should be dark and what should be light changed, fleip-flopped actually, during the painting process. I’m thought about how strangely disorienting it can be to quickly cross from one zone to the next. Hence the odd facial expression. No, he’s not really supposed to be conflicted about the celebration. Or life in general.

Unless you want it to be.

I guess since I’d JUST finished a Yaz painting I thought I’d go NEW YORK with it. Kind of a proto-New York, not necessarily specifically the Yankees.

Unless you want it to be.

So, tonally it’s all blues. If you count bluish purples as blues. And blue grays as blues. And, just for good measure, I was careful to include one slash of just plain gray. It stands out, to me, whenever I see this image…

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