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What an honour it was to have been invited back again to the House of Illustration summer fair the other week!

I’ve been a bit behind in getting this post written up due to some lovely client work I’ve been beavering away on, but still wanted to share some of my favourite illustrators from the fair who I had the pleasure of meeting.

Miss Ella ’s beautiful illustrated laser cut jewellery

Miss Ella’s beautiful illustrated laser cut jewellery

Miss Ella Illustrator

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ella from when I studied at Norwich University of the Arts back in 2007-2010, and since graduating I’ve been seeing her beautiful work at various events across London. Her jewellery is just so imaginative and whimsical, and I am totally in love with those pink moon earrings.

Aleesha Nandhra ’s postcard selection

Aleesha Nandhra’s postcard selection

Aleesha Nandhra

It was so lovely to meet Aleesha at the last House of Illustration fair back in December – especially when we realised that she was a distant relative of my husbands! Needless to say it was great to meet back up again (along with her amazing mum) to see the beautiful new work she’s been creating. She’s been travelling around the world (check out her visit to Nepal) and you see how these beautiful experiences have influenced her work.

Beautiful linocuts by Aurore Swithenbank

Beautiful linocuts by Aurore Swithenbank

Aurore Swithenbank

Plants? Check. Black on natural card? Check. Insects? Check check! All the things I love and more. It wasn’t just her gorgeous artwork that I was head over heels for, but her display stole my heart (LOVED that she brought along her linocuts) as did her gorgeous hand typed business cards. It just shows that it’s the little things that really make a difference.

House of Illustration Summer Fair held at The Crossing in Granary Square

House of Illustration Summer Fair held at The Crossing in Granary Square

There were so many more illustrators I wanted to shout about but I’m pretty sure you don’t have all day to scroll through it all. So here were some of my extra favourites:

London Illustration Summer Fair 2.jpg
London Illustration Summer Fair 11.jpg
London Illustration Summer Fair 1.jpg
London Illustration Summer Fair 5.jpg
London Illustration Summer Fair 12.jpg
London Illustration Summer Fair 3.jpg
London Illustration Summer Fair 4.jpg

I absolutely love coming to this fair as I always come away so inspired by the talent there. It’s so easy to remain in your little creative echo chamber but stepping out of this comfort zone always gives me the fire to try and do something new or pursue one of my illustration project dreams (and that list is long).

Fingers crossed I can make it to the Christmas event, and perhaps see you there!

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