I never thought that I would ever be saying this, but I am hosting my first ever workshop in July!

That old friend of mine, imposter syndrome, has been present most my life. After all there is always someone better, more talented and more qualified than you. But that’s the thing, I wasn’t giving myself enough credit for everything I had achieved. All the clients I’ve worked for. The knowledge I’ve gained over a career that’s now in it’s 9th year (yikes!)

So after some amazing coaching sessions with Amy from Women Who Create (who is just a peach by the way, and such an inspiration) I dug down, found some courage, and created a workshop that I hope you guys will enjoy.

J apanese Garden print created for Spoonflower

Japanese Garden print created for Spoonflower

Although I got my degree in Illustration and Graphic Design, I taught myself how to make repeat patterns during my 3rd year of uni. As soon as I made one, I was hooked. I was making patterns out of everything, and I loved trying out so many different styles of repeats and seeing what I could do with the pencil illustrations I was creating.

Although I create all my surface designs digitally nowadays, I did originally start out creating patterns in an analog way. I found this really helped me understand how tiling worked, how you made patterns seamless and how moving the tiles in different ways created different styles of repeat.

And so this was how my ‘How to create your own repeat patterns’ workshop was born!

I wanted to make a workshop that would help inspire any creative, on any level of expertise, to take their practise into another dimension, without needing software like Photoshop to get started.

Trust me, I know how daunting some of these things can feel when you starting thinking you need all singing, all dancing software and computers to just dip your toe into a new practise or medium. But this is the great thing with pattern making; it works just as good by hand as it does digitally. And there is no limit to what medium you create them in, nor do you need to be an excellent draftsman!

Just some Grade A imagination and the intrigue to play.

Mexican Parrot surface design created from images taken on my honeymoon.

Mexican Parrot surface design created from images taken on my honeymoon.

I’ll be running the workshop at Handmade Nottingham on July 20th, 10.30-1.30, and i’ll be covering:

  • Basics of repeat patterns

  • Different types of repeats and how to create them

  • Creating seamless designs

  • Creating designs that capture the imagination

  • Inspiration for how to apply your own surface designs to textiles, homeware and stationery.

I’ll be bringing along some mark making materials, however please feel free to bring along your own mediums of choice if you have a preference!

If this sounds like something right up your street, then I’m hoping to see you there! Spaces are limited to 10 spots, so be sure to book your place early. You can book your spot HERE, or check out my events page to see where else you can find me this summer.

I hope to see you there!

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