HSN sticker kit sneak peek

A quick little sneak peek at one my new HSN kits that I will be releasing September 13th on HSN TV and HSN.com!

I have so much more to share with you in this kit but for now I’ll share with you this cute, cute, cute packaging that I had so much fun designing!! A little Sweet Shoppe house! 

This is a  HUGE sticker kit with hundreds of stickers and guess what!! Some of them are Scratch N Sniff!!! oh yeah! Just a few sheets so it’s not overwhelming! But they smell so amazing! chocolate, strawberry, vanilla! yum! 

Were you like me and collected stickers in the 2nd grade? I had stacked of photo albums full of stickers to trade at recess. These bring back so many fun memories! In a week or so I’ll share with you a video with all the goodies inside! 

Mark your calendars for Sept 13th! I’ll post air times as soon as I have them!

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